Hello, and welcome to Body Positivity Corner, a submission-based photo gallery for anyone to submit a photo and story to, all about their experiences, thoughts, and journey with all things body positivity, body acceptance, and self love.


Here at Let’s Talk About Sex Ed, we think that these are important topics to discuss with young people during sex and relationships education, as after all, the relationship you have with yourself is one of the most important you will have in your lifetime, so it’s important that we make it a good one from as early and age as possible, so where better to start than in the classroom? 


Whether it's in films, TV, social media, or porn we often see distorted realities of the human body depicted to us. The media constantly portrays unrealistic, often unattainable body standards as the norm, frequently censors out and demonises features such as scars, fat, cellulite, stretch marks, and much more as 'undesirable', which can have devastating consequences on our self-esteem and mental health, and send terrible messages to impressionable young people.


We think it's important to remember that all bodies of every shape, size, colour, and appearance are fantastic, no matter what. Spots, scars, fat, cellulite, stretch marks - you name it - these are all things that make us human, and make us the individuals that we are. So we think they should be seen and celebrated! Take a scroll through our gallery, and read about why body positivity, body acceptance and self love are so important for us to embrace. And remember that after all, no matter what we might look like, it's what's inside that counts most.

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